If the anticipation is too much, have no fear, your answers are here!

Poster riddle E-01.jpg

What occurs twice in a week, once in a year, but never in a day?

A: The letter E

Coaster trivia greek-01.jpg

Who is the Greek God of Wine?

A: Dionysus (also known as Bacchus)

Coaster trivia noggins-01.jpg

how many noggins in a pint?

A: 4

Coaster trivia whiskey-01.jpg

which booze literally translates to water of life?

A: Whiskey

Toilet door trivia toilet-01.jpg

How many years does the average person spend sitting on the toilet throughout their life?

A: 3

Toilet door riddle for the girls-01.jpg

IF YOU Take away my first letter I’LL sound the same. IF YOU Take away my last letter I’LL sound the same. IF you take away THE letter in MY middle I’ll still sound the same. I am a five letter word. What am I?

A: Empty