Bonus brain busting challenges


If you’re looking for ways to extend your Thinko! fundraiser, entertain people while the scores are tallied, tailor the challenges to your participants strengths (or weaknesses) or simply find a fun excuse to fundraise, we’ve got you covered with more ideas.

Save the Egg

Teams design and build an egg packaging to save an egg from breaking when dropped. You can choose limit and specify the materials they’re allowed to use or let them have access to anything they like.

Blind Design

Teams are blindfolded and given a length of rope, then asked to work together to create shapes with the rope. All team members hands’ must remain touching the rope at all times. The assigned shapes can be as simple as a square or as complicated as an Eiffel Tower replica. The adjudicator can score based on speed, accuracy or level of creativity in the solutions….  or a combination of all three.

Orange Bridge

Each team is given a pack of straws and a stick of blu-tac. They are given five minutes to design and build a bridge capable of holding the weight of an orange for 30 seconds.

Lemon Fresh

Teams receive a bowl of water with a lemon floating on top. The challenge is to see how many dollar coins they can stack on top of the lemon without them falling in the water.

Dunny Putting

Set up a fake toilet and make participants take turns putting a golf ball from the comfort of your mighty throne. Mark an X on the ground as the target or invest in a cheap indoor putting green. That’s right, tap it in, tap tap tap it in.

Flight School

Step up the usual paper plane competitions by allowing players to add other objects to the paper for stability, control or aerodynamics. Or try adding the complication of a pilot to throw off the balance (note: lego men and mini troll dolls are great for this).

The Leaning Tower of Poker

Give each group a deck of poker cards and a pair of scissors. In 10 minutes they need to build the tallest tower possible using only the tools given to them.

Don’t Say

Integrate this one into your GAMES or TRIVIA night while you’re playing. Assign words (or let the teams assign the other teams words) that players can’t say during the event.


Teams are given an orange and a knife. The aim of the game is to be the team at the end with the longest unbroken length of peel.


Teams are given a bowl of skittles or M&Ms and race each other to separate all of the colours out. Eating the product will incur a penalty.