Thinko! is committed to protecting your privacy.

We abide by the requirements of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) ("Act") in relation to the collection and use of your personal information.

What information we collect and how it is used
We collect personal information about users, supporters, employees, volunteers and contractors but this is limited to that which is necessary for us to undertake our services and activities. In general this will be collected directly from you or your representative but we also obtain information from other sources.

We only collect personal information for purposes which are directly related to our functions or activities and only when it is necessary for or directly related to such purposes. These include:

  • Thinko! campaign delivery
  • Thinko! event participation
  • Thinko! special deals and new initiatives
  • Thinko! competitions
  • Thinko! marketing and promotion
  • Employment/volunteering
  • Website statistics

Because we can and do also often operate on behalf of our charity partners, for them, these also include:

  • Services delivery
  • Appeals and donations
  • Event participation
  • Employment/volunteering
  • Information provision
  • Website statistics

The type of information we may collect includes:

  • Identifying information including name, address/contact information
  • Event information to assist in your Thinko! campaign
  • Demographic data including date of birth, gender, country of birth, language spoken at home, marital status, team/individual status and whether you are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait islander origin

If you proceed with our charity partners, they may also collect:

  • Dementia related information such diagnosis, other associated health issues, services and supports in place
  • We may ask you for other information to enable us to better understand who our clients, donors and others who deal with us are, but the provision of that information is purely voluntary.
  • No information collected by Thinko! is disclosed to overseas recipients, but may be disclosed to the charity partner.

Information security and quality
Your information will be securely stored and only accessible by appropriately trained staff unless we are required to provide it to others for purposes relating to public safety, law enforcement or financial transactions. Paper based records are stored in locked cabinets and electronic databases are password protected, secured by a firewall and anti-virus software to ensure, so far as practicable, that they are not accessed by unauthorised parties.

We take all reasonable steps to ensure the personal information we collect is accurate, up to date and complete. You are entitled to view the information we hold about you and reasonable requests for access will be responded to as quickly as possible. Contact us on the address below if you wish to view the information we hold about you.

More information
If you would like more information about our policy, the way we manage your personal information, or are concerned that we may have breached your privacy and wish to make a comment, contact the Thinko! team:
Mail: Thinko! Team
Gibson Denney Centre, 120 Coxs Rd, North Ryde NSW 2113
Phone: 1300 636 679