What exactly is Thinko!? And how can you get involved?


You’ve heard of a smoko, well why not have a Thinko! instead. No matter where you are or who you are, brain health matters.

Thinko! is fun and exercises six key areas of your brain. With our exclusive range of games, trivia and brainteasers, your frontal lobe and its mates will be tingling with excitement. And they’ll be raising vital funds for dementia support and research!

Test your mental prowess and challenge others to a temporal-tastic tournament. Be a Thinko! champion online, at home, at your workplace or at your favourite pub or club. Or, simply relax into that comfy chair with a book of new challenges... Either way – your brain will be saying "it’s game on for dementia!"

How to Thinko!:

Take a break, have a Thinko!. Thanks to daily doses of Thinko! on your phone, tablet or computer, your brain will feel limber and ready for new challenges. There are new puzzles each day so exercise your body’s coolest organ and keep it in top shape! All you have to do is hit PLAY.

Put that competitive nature to good use, split into two mighty teams and raise vital funds - by powering up for a battle of the brains with family, friends, neighbours, colleagues or the bloke from the pub. Choose your topics or let us surprise you. With the help of our Thinko! GAMES PACK, games nights can be hosted anywhere you like!

Is trivia more your thing? Looking to get multiple teams of people involved? Register for a Thinko! TRIVIA PACK and host a night at your establishment, for your club or just with a huge group of mates. You can carefully select topics to make the masses happy or let us surprise you with a random selection. From Wednesday night trivia at the pub to a friendly way to ease into a networking luncheon, Thinko! trivia will be a cerebral circus.

Find your nearest Thinko! EVENT and enter a team. With a range of events happening across Australia, you’ll be able to choose a night of sophistication or go for something a little more… casual.

Kick it old-school. Have your Thinko! break by getting yourself a Thinko! puzzle book. Whip out a pencil, find yourself a quiet corner and let your brain work at its own pace.