How much does it cost to do Thinko!?
Taking part in Thinko! is free! You can play online puzzles everyday through our ONLINE platform for free, or register to run your own Thinko! event to receive our free GAMES PACK or TRIVIA PACK. If you choose to attend a Thinko! EVENT or take part in a Thinko! competition, these will have entry fees set by the organiser.

Why is Thinko! better than my Sunday crossword?
If you do a crossword every week in the Sunday paper, that’s great! But your brain is a complex organ that needs to learn new things and be challenged in different ways to keep it at its strongest.

Will doing Thinko! stop me getting dementia?
In no way are we saying that Thinko! will prevent you from getting dementia, but what we can say is that keeping your mind active, challenging yourself and learning new things can help keep your brain as strong as possible. Thinko! exercises six key parts of your brain to ensure activity is occurring throughout the entire brain. This, combined with other healthy lifestyle activities (please see for more information), can contribute to reducing your risk or delaying the onset of dementia.  

Is Thinko! just trivia?
No, Thinko! is a unique blend of many types of brain exercises. ONLINE Thinko! has sudoku, word searches, crosswords and trivia. Thinko! GAMES has trivia, multiple choice questions, word search, drawing, tongue twisters, spatial awareness questions, memory games and aeronautical engineering (aka paper aeroplane design). Thinko! TRIVIA has trivia, multiple choice questions, a paper aeroplane challenge and a range of OTHER CHALLENGES to choose from.

How much of my brain does Thinko! exercise?
Thinko! gets your brain warmed up from your frontal lobe all the way to your cerebellum. See which categories of Thinko! excite which PARTS OF THE BRAIN.

How can I get involved in Thinko!?
Whether you’re on your own, looking for a night out with friends or wanting an excuse to have the gang over, there is something for everyone and lots of WAYS YOU CAN THINKO!

Should I host a night with Thinko! games or trivia?
You can choose whichever you like, but think about the structure of the night and the type of people you want to invite to help guide you. Thinko! GAMES is designed for players to be split into two teams and has a wide range of games to keep everyone thinking and using all parts of their brains. It has been developed with families, friends and workplaces in mind. Thinko! TRIVIA is designed so that as many teams as you like can take part, but it is more limited in the type of brainteasers on offer, basing itself mostly on trivia. It has been designed with pubs, clubs and groups in mind.

Can I tailor my Thinko! night to my people?
Absolutely. You can choose the topics for two rounds of Thinko! GAMES and all of the main rounds of Thinko! TRIVIA. That way you can make it relevant and fun for your guests.

Can I fundraise for Thinko!?
Absolutely! We’d love you to fundraise! When you register to HOST AN EVENT you’ll be assigned an event page through Go Fundraise. You can share the link and ask for donations, try some of our FUNDRAISING TIPS or come up with your own. If you’d like more ideas, why not CONTACT US for a brainstorm.

Where does the money go when I fundraise?
Thinko! supports ALZHEIMER’S AUSTRALIA, so every dollar you raise is donated to them.

Are my fundraising efforts tax deductible?
Because Alzheimer’s Australia is a registered charity with DGR status, your donations are tax deductible. If your funds are submitted via Go Fundraise, they will issue you with an automated tax receipt. If your funds are submitted via the form in your pack, Alzheimer’s Australia will issue you a receipt. Please note, it is not possible to reissue tax receipts so if you have multiple people requiring receipts from the one deposit, please ensure these are detailed on the form at the time of submission.

How do I bank any funds I raise for Thinko!?
You can use your Go Fundraise page or follow the instructions on the form provided in your pack.

How much should I aim to raise at my Thinko! event?
Everyone is different and you know your audience better than we do, so you’re the best person to set your goal. Different people and different Thinko! events will raise anywhere from $100 - $100,000 so we recommend looking at your fundraising methodology and using that to set your goal. Remember you can CONTACT US to discuss the specifics of the fundraising around your event. As a guide, look at the HALL OF GAME to see what
others are raising.

Is there an age limit to participate in Thinko!?
Thinko! is great for all ages. The earlier you start challenging your brain the better! ONLINE Thinko! can be accessed and played by everyone. Many people will play Thinko! in their home with all family members involved. Some Thinko! EVENTS may have an age restriction if they’re being run in pub settings or other location unsuitable for a younger audience.

Can I get a Thinko! quizmaster to run my trivia night?
Thinko! GAMES has been developed so it can be run with or without a quizmaster. The person hosting the event can choose to be on one of the teams, or to step aside and remain purely as the organiser, scorekeeper and referee. Thinko! TRIVIA does require a quizmaster to ensure all teams have equal opportunity to answer. As many establishments have their own in-house quizmaster, we do not offer one as a standard element, however, if you would like to discuss the possibility of us providing one for your event, please CONTACT US.

Can you supply prizes to help me raise funds?
Local businesses are a great source of prize donations for fundraising events. Because of this, prize supply is not something we offer as a standard service for Thinko!, however, in some cases it’s possible for us to assist so if you would like to discuss please CONTACT US.

What support will I get to run my event?
When you register to HOST your Thinko! event, you will receive the contact details of your Thinko! support person who you can call or email along the way for advice and assistance. You will also receive a pack with an information booklet full of ideas and a step-by-step planning guide, GAME or TRIVIA kits, instruction booklet, promotional materials, collection box and more.

How do I find out what Thinko! events are near me?
That’s easy. Just SEARCH by adding in your state or postcode beneath your State.

I saw a Thinko! riddle. How do I find the answer?
Glad you’re curious to find out! If you saw a riddle or trivia question on a coaster, poster, banner or toilet door, all the ANSWERS are waiting for you. Why not sign up for Thinko! ONLINE while you’re here to keep that thirsty mind quenched.

Who can I talk to more about Thinko!?
You can CONTACT the Thinko! team to discuss any questions you have. Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive your own Thinko! support person who you can talk to throughout the planning process.