Did someone say fun-raising?

  1. Charge the company for running the event and entertaining their staff – tell them it’s cheaper than a team bonding retreat.
  2. Charge a small entry fee for individuals to take part. If you’re putting on some nibbles for them it’s all the more called for.
  3. Challenge another department to a Thinko!-off and up the stakes by making the losing team donate $100.
  4. See who knows most about their colleagues. Give competitors the chance to add a tricky question about themselves into the mix – for a fee of course!
  5. Make a Negative Nancy jar. Anyone heard whinging about anything work-related (including colleagues!) during Thinko! pays up.
  6. Charge a fine for people caught cheating! You’d be surprised how many Sneaky Sams there are out there!
  7. Let individuals buy the right to use smart phones for 10 seconds per question. They’d better have fast fingers and good Wi-Fi!
  8. Feel like being centre-stage at your event? Ask people to sponsor you to answer as many questions correctly as possible in five minutes. Set a goal that impresses people (especially the boss!) and invite them to come along to witness your intellectual prowess. Maybe you’ll end up in the Guinness Book of Records?
  9. Make teams pay for the privilege of entering a bonus point round or for hints to questions. If the teams are split employees vs management you’d be surprised how competitive things will get to prove a point.
  10. Give colleagues a chance to let their hair down and have a drink or two. Tell them you’ll be the designated driver for a donation.