Did someone say fun-raising?

  1. Consider charging an entry fee. Add a penalty for the worst team name and a prize for the best.
  2. Is one of your regulars a local draw-card celebrity? Add some sparkle to your games night with a much-loved Quiz Master or ask tables to bid on having the VIP join their table for the night.
  3. Test your gamesters’ full range of skills with some much-loved pub games for bonus rounds. Run a competition of darts, pool, skittles, tiddlywinks or Space Invaders with a small buy-in for each.
  4. Use that prime counter space for smaller challenges. Ask people to pay to guess how many lollies are in the jar. Or let them try to balance a gold coin on a floating lemon. You’ll collect a lot of very clean and fresh gold coins to add to your tally for the night!
  5. Get staff together to pledge a week’s worth of tips in September to help support Thinko! in dementia awareness month. Let your customers know to tip generously!
  6. Establish some house rules with gold coin penalties attached. Examples could include only drinking with your left hand, banning the use of random words such as ‘beer’, addressing staff as ‘Sir’ and ‘Madam’, and of course, the good old swear jar! Keep people laughing and on their toes by changing the rules as the night progresses.
  7. Let tables buy the right to use smart phones for 10 seconds per question. They’d better have fast fingers and you’d better have good Wi-Fi! If you’re nervous about cheating getting out of control, ban phones and charge a fee for a hint old-school-style (i.e. on a piece of paper!).
  8. Ask local businesses to cough up for dementia support and research by donating or even matching the money you raise on your Thinko! night.
  9. Find out if a local business will donate prizes for such a good cause. For example, a $100 bar tab, or voucher for a beer tasting experience. Use them to attract patrons and hand them out to the winners of each round. Remember, plenty of smaller prizes are sometimes better than one big prize. You want to share the excitement with as many people as possible!
  10. Are you brave enough for karaoke? Finish the night in X-Factor style with some questionable renditions of Bohemian Rhapsody. Encourage people to make it really bad – and give the audience the option to pay for them to stop.