Did someone say fun-raising?

  1. Consider charging an entry fee. Add a penalty for the worst team name and a prize for the best. Or instead of having prize money for the winners, why not implement a fine for the lowest ranked table.
  2. Ask local businesses to cough up. Your favourite pub or car repair business could donate or even match the money you raise on your Thinko! night. Find out if a local business will donate supplies or a venue for the night.
  3. Go old-school with a raffle or prize dip – they’re tried and tested methods after all!
  4. Mix it up and push people out of their comfort zones. Set challenges throughout the night for a friendly laugh and give people the option to buy their way out of it.
  5. Set up an in-house bar. Keep it responsible and charge those 18+ gamesters for their drinks.
  6. Rope in some friends to help collect donations throughout the night. Maybe give a prize to the one who collects the most.
  7. Create your own round of specialty questions related to your group that everyone should know. If they get them wrong there will be consequences!
  8. Sell hints! You could even peddle a “hints package” for a better deal when people pre-purchase their hints in bulk. Or jump into 2016 and let tables buy the right to use smart phones for 10 seconds per question instead.
  9. Make teams pay for the privilege of entering a novelty bonus point round. If the teams are split by division, ranking or cliques you’ll be surprised how competitive things can get to prove a point.
  10. Allow tables to challenge other tables to a Thinko!-off with a penalty for failure.