Did someone say fun-raising?

  1. Charge a small entrance fee. If you’re laying out a delicious spread of brain food as well, it’ll be a no-brainer for your guests.
  2. Fine people for stupid answers or for jumping the gun without consulting their teammates.
  3. Create some ‘house rules’ and charge for each rule broken! You could give each team a balloon that must not touch the floor during the night, or all answers have to be sung in the style of Celine Dion.
  4. Add a good old-fashioned swear jar to the middle of the table.
  5. Have an uneven number of guests? Charge the team with the extra person a fee to have an extra brain on their side.
  6. Implement a get-out-of-jail bribe. We all have those friends who are completely anti-social and refuse to take part in group activities. Tell them if they make a donation to your Go Fundraise page you’ll let them off hassle free this time.
  7. Make it a fancy dress theme with a fine for anyone not playing along.
  8. Keep it responsible and charge those 18+ gamesters for the alcohol they drink out of your fridge (let’s face it, it’s unlikely they will have brought their own).
  9. Capitalise on your guests’ competitive natures by charging for bonus rounds or clues for those particularly difficult, chin-scratching questions.
  10. Set a non-traditional tie-breaker. In the chance the scores are tied, offer the chance to bid for first place in an old-style auction. Starting at $10, do I hear $15?